About FICHSIA by Izumi Tahara

FUCHSIA by Izumi Tahara is a jewelry brand created by a talented Japanese designer IZUMI TAHARA.

Izumi Tahara has been passionate about art and fashion since a young age.
The inspiration drawn from haute couture jewelers such as “Parullier” that she was able to develop her own aesthetic and artistic approach in the creation of FUCHSIA by Izumi Tahara jewelry. The influence of “Parullier” allowed her to explore new techniques, to push the limits of the creation of costume jewelry and to bring a touch of sophistication to her upcycled creations.

She specializes in creating unique costume jewelry using upcycled vintage pieces. She gives new life to these forgotten pieces and creates contemporary jewelry with retro charm.
FUCHSIA by Izumi Tahara’s jewelries are unique pieces that represent a renaissance of vintage.
Each jewelry of FUCHSIA by Izumi Tahara tells a story and represents a renaissance of vintage. By giving new life to vintage costume jewelry, these creations become unique pieces that will not be found anywhere else. They allow those who wear them to stand out with an original style and make a personal fashion statement.
The jewelries of FUCHSIA by Izumi Tahara are much more than simple accessories; they are a true vintage revival, bringing one-of-a-kind pieces to life and evoking a timeless charm that stands out in the contemporary fashion landscape.

designer   Izumi Tahara

Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted with great attention to detail. Izumi’s creations often evoke a nostalgic mood, while remaining modern and trendy. Her jewelry stands out for its eclectic aesthetic and creativity in adding a touch of originality to any outfit.

FUCHSIA by Izumi Tahara’s collection emphasizes the use of floral motifs and nature-inspired creatures to express the brand’s vision. These iconic elements add a touch of poetry, delicacy and connection with the beauty of our natural environment.

FUCHSIA by Izumi Tahara jewelry offers vintage lovers and eco-conscious people the opportunity to wear unique and elegant jewelry that matches their values. These jewelries are a way to express yourself through a distinctive fashion accessory while making a conscious choice for the planet.